Awaken Your Heart: Devotion In Motion, A Transformational Journey through the Bhakti Sutra, with Professor Bill Mahony and Todd Norian

Date: TBD

Location: Lenox, MA

Venue: TBD

Prerequisite: Open to teachers and students of all levels, traditions, and styles.

Hours: 16

Investment: $255. (Those enrolled in the Ashaya Yoga™ Advanced 300-Hour Teacher Training Program may take an additional $25 off.)

Registration: Email:, or call 413-232-7839

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Recommended Text: Exquisite Love: Heart-Centered Reflections on the Narada Bhakti Sutra, by Bill Mahony. 

Heart-centered spiritual practice is a gateway to an experience of love: for the world, life, others and ourselves. In lecture, discussion & asana, we will study ancient teachings that can help us stay present to the divine love abiding within us during this complex and challenging modern era.

Bill Mahony will lead us in satsanga-based discussion on the wisdom of the Bhakti Sutra followed by “Devotion in Motion”, asanas infused with life-affirming, heart-centered themes from the Bhakti Sutra with Todd Norian. Join us for the collaboration of these two masterful, heart-awakened yogis as they guide you home to your heart through the empowering teachings of love and devotion. Exquisite and revelatory morning meditation and pranayama included.

Bio: Bill Mahony, PhD, is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Religion and Chair of the Religion Department at Davidson College, Davidson, NC, where he teaches courses on the religions of India. He is particularly interested in contemplative and devotional sensibilities and practices associated with those traditions. Bill’s new book, Exquisite Love: Heart-Centered Reflections on the Narada Bhakti Sutra, published by Anusara Press and based on a 10th-11th century Sanskrit text, is on the experience, cultivation and refinement of increasingly higher levels of spiritual love in our contemporary lives.