Chakra Yoga Advanced Teacher Training with Anodea Judith and Todd Norian

Date: October 19-24, 2014

Location: Stockbridge, MA

Venue: Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, 800-741-7353

Prerequisite: For yoga teachers of all styles and traditions.

Hours: 38

Investment: Kripalu tuition plus accommodations. Contact Kripalu online

Registration and Accommodations: contact Kripalu Center, 800-741-7353, or online at

Recommended Reading: Wheels of Life, by Anodea Judith.

Join long time friends and yoga masters, Anodea Judith and Todd Norian, in this blockbuster collaboration of hearts and minds. Explore the deep interior landscape of the body-mind and release self-limiting beliefs and samskaras (grooves of deeply ingrained patterns). See yourself through the ancient lens of the chakras and gain insight into who you are, your purpose in life, who you are meant to be, and your unique gifts to offer.

Through applying the precise alignment techniques of Ashaya Yoga™ in asana, along with the power of the breath, mantras, and mudras, intertwined with the matrix of chakra theory, tantric philosophy, and western psychology, you transmute the energies within you both up and down the chakra spectrum, opening the cosmic window to your soul.

During this training intensive, you:

  • Broaden your understanding and experience of the chakras and deepen your access to the divine Shakti flowing through your system
  • Gain insight into your potential as a being of extraordinary power
  • Develop your unique gifts and strengths as a teacher using the chakra system and design strategies for bringing your gifts forward
  • Get in touch with the self-limiting beliefs related to teaching and self-sabotaging behaviors that keep you small and stuck that have their root in specific chakras
  • Gain tools to design sequences for each chakra, a chakra yoga class series, and a chakra workshop, including an introductory talk on the chakras
  • Get supportive feedback and mentoring on your presentation skills from faculty and peers
  • Collaborate with other like-minded beings within a supportive and loving community

ashayayoga_Anodea_JudithBio: Anodea Judith, PhD, is a world-class teacher, best-selling author and leading authority on the chakra system and its application to the Western lifestyle. She is the author of chakra classic: Wheels of Life; as well as Eastern Body, Western Mind; Creating on Purpose; The Global Heart Awakens, and numerous other books and media products, including the award-winning DVD, The Illuminated Chakras. As a bioenergetic and trauma therapist, yoga teacher, scholar, and spiritual philosopher, her workshops have transformed students around the world for 35 years. You can find out more about her work at,, and