Healing Power of Yoga, Level 2: Ashaya Yoga™ Advanced Therapy Training Intensive with Todd Norian

Date: February 26-March 1, 2015

Location: Lenox, MA

Venue: TBD

Prerequisite: For teachers and experienced students who took Healing Power of Yoga, Level 1, or equivalent, or by teacher’s permission.  Application required for those not currently enrolled in the Ashaya Yoga™ Advanced 300-Hour Training.

Hours: 25

Schedule: TBD

Investment: $450. (Those enrolled in the Ashaya Yoga™ Advanced 300-Hour Teacher Training Program may take an additional $25 off.)

Registration: Email: info@ashayayoga.com, or call 413-232-7839

Download a PDF Application Download a Word Application


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Take your knowledge of Ashaya Yoga™ Therapeutics to the next deeper level of understanding, integration, and skillful means. Every cell in the body is pre-programmed for healing and joy. Unfortunately, due to unconscious patterns of movement and self-limiting beliefs, we’re not able to fully access this power. When you align your body, mind, and heart with the infinite source of wellness, you experience the miracle of healing.

During this training, you:

  • Deepen and refine your understanding of Ashaya Yoga™ Level 1 Basic Therapy techniques
  • Receive mentoring and close supervision on your therapeutic skills and technique from faculty and peers
  • Learn the next level of advanced, more subtle, and more powerful healing therapeutics
  • Delve more deeply into skillful observation techniques, including subtle body energy observation
  • Gain the skills needed to design and teach a masterful therapeutic yoga class and class series
  • Study class designs and sequences to support you in creating your own template
  • Cultivate a professional yoga therapy private practice
  • Review and refine professional ethics in the therapist/client relationship
  • Collaborate with other like-minded beings within a supportive and loving community

Grow your skills as a yoga teacher, yoga therapy practitioner, and as a healer to bring more light, joy, and freedom into the world.